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For more than a decade, Amplomedia and by extension Lance has been providing Managed Marketing Services & advice to entrepreneurs in Canada.

We're offering all attendees of ABAD 2023 an exclusive opportunity to receive a Free Marketing Assessment Workshop with Lance Johnson, CEO of Amplomedia.


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See How We've Helped These Alberta Companies scale and land more customers!


Not only is Lance your ABAD co-host with the most, but he has over 17 years of experience in creating and executing business growth strategies. Don't believe us? Just watch!

Marina Michaelides

Lead Media & Communications Kinnikinnick Fresh & Foods HQ

Tim Gourlay

Owner & CEO of FitSet Ninja

Free Marketing Assessment Workshop

Expected Outcomes


Website conversion strategies

Stop doing marketing for marketing's sake

Fill your pipeline with leads

Growth strategies

Actionable advice

Why are we making this offer?


While all of the companies we have listed are clients of ours, this offer is our way of providing value to the Alberta entrepreneurial community.

This is not some BS pre-recorded webinar!

This is our very own Founder and CEO giving you one-on-one actionable coaching and advice.

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